Never Worry About Customers Changing Devices

Introducing MoveIt!, a new, fast and secure, WiFi-based application developed for Pine Lake Mobile Partners to efficiently transfer consumer's content from their old smartphone or tablet to their new smartphone or tablet device. MoveIt! improves the retail customer experience when devices are changed, replaced or upgraded. MoveIt! is only available through Pine Lake Mobile Partners.

"It's as easy as Sending and Receiving"

The best part? No wires, computers or "servers in the Cloud" required. MoveIt! is a device-to-device transfer application that is powered by Wi-Fi. No backing up to an in-store server or being limited by bandwidth speed to a server hosted in the cloud. Consumers can feel safe knowing their personal and private content is never stored somewhere or on someone's computer. And if a consumer cannot wait in the store for all of their photos and videos to transfer, they can simply pause the app and pickup where they left off once they get home to their own Wi-Fi network.

Benefits of MoveIt!:

Fast: transfer is optimized for speed and sent over Wi-Fi.
Simple: fast app setup that doesn't require a license
Consistent: not dependent on speed of bandwidth or quality of cables
Accurate: 100% successful, every time
Safe: consumer content is never stored on a local server or computer

How does MoveIt! Work?

After the purchase or upgrade of a new smartphone or tablet device, a Pine Lake Mobile Partner store representative can begin the content transfer process by downloading the MoveIt! app onto the old device and the new device from their respective App stores. In front of the consumer, the store representative selects the App, identifies which device is the sender and which is the receiver. The app lists the files to be moved and the estimated time needed to do the content transfer.

If the consumer can only wait in store long enough to transfer contacts and calendar they may finish the transfer of their images and videos at home. The consumer has up to 30 days from first use to complete the transfer using their own Wi-Fi network.

MoveIt! supports: